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A Charity Incorportaed Organisation

Sponsorhip Opportunities

The Redditch Local History Museum CIO (RLHM) is a charitable organization which has been formed to pursue the creation and operation of a local history museum for Redditch.

The objectives of the museum are to record, store, and publish information of the history & heritage of the town for the benefit of past, present and future residents.

We are not competing with Forge Mill but complementing it by covering those industries and topics which are outside of their remit.

To help us set up and operate the museum we would like to invite local businesses and organisations to sponsor the displays and facilities proposed for the museum in return for agreed benefits for those sponsors

This proposal sets out various benefits for your organization in return for your sponsorship of nominated elements of the museum.

We have prepare a range of sponsorship opportunities and would welcome both cash sponsorships and in-kind help to fund both the initial creation and on-going running costs. We would very much like to discuss this with you and, with agreed amendments to suit your business needs, enter into an agreement which is beneficial for both parties.

If the history and heritage of Redditch resonates with your businesses objectives and feel you could further tem by working with us, please contact us for more details of what we are proposing:

tel:        07486 882 181

Click this link to request a Sponsorship information pack