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Redditch Local History Museum cio has been formed to progress the creation and operation of a town centre Heritage Centre/Local History Museum. Forge Mill, our National Needle Museum, is an excellent facility but only has the mandate and space to focus on the needle and fishing tackle industries of Redditch.  Redditch has so much more history to celebrate and hence the need for a new Heritage Centre.

Along with the Redditch branch of the Royal Enfield Owners Club, who are pursuing their ambition to open a Motor Cycle Museum in Redditch, and other groups with other specific history focus areas, we are joining forces to create a Heritage Centre which offers a much wider visitor experience.

It is still early days and we are just at the start of our journey.  We need your help to realise these ambitions. Why not join us and share with us your skills and experiences. Together we can make it happen.

If you have not done so already, fill in our online survey which will help demonstrate to grant issuing organisations the need and desire to create a Redditch Heritage Centre.

Next register on our Members Area to get on our mailing list and record your willingness to help as the need arises.   We are setting up two levels of interest -
Members who would like to actively participate with us in meeting out objectives and Supporters who share our aims and objectives but cannot, for whatever reason, actively participate in day-to-day activities.  What ever level you register at, the involvement you undertakes is solely at your discretion.

Lastly, please spread the word amongst your family, friends and work colleagues about our ambitions and ask them to join us as well.

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