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This is the web site of the Redditch Local History Museum

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About Us

Caution, this is a new site

This site is to communicate the plans, and the progress being made, to those interested in a Regditch Local History Museum
It also provide facilities for you to submit feedback, comments  and input to those plans. We welcome all input.
It is subject to change and updates and some parts may not work as well as we hope.  Please bear with us, we are all volunteers doing our best.
Accessing this site is at your discretion and the Redditch Local History Museum holds no responsibility for the consequences of visiting or using this site.
""To establish and operate a museum facility which collects, stores and presents artefacts which record and illustrate the history of Redditch and the surrounding area to as wide an audience as possible"
The Redditch Local History Museum is has been established as Charitable Incorporated Organisation to campaign for, create and operate a town centre museum in Redditch.  The aims of the museum are to cover all of Redditch’s history and heritage not currently included within the scope of Forge Mill and the Redditch Cycle & Motor Cycle Museums.

We are a voluntary organisation run by volunteers, please bear that in mind if there aspects of the project with which you disagree. It there is something you disagree with, please don't complain, join us and help us do it right

To make better, faster progress and to establish a museum which meets as wide as possible range of requirements we need more volunteers to join us. 

We also need to raise funds to set up and operate the museum. Please visit the Donate page to make a financial contribution