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A new and exciting opportunity is beginning right now....

This is the web site of The
Redditch Local History Museum CIO* which is a charity registered by the Charities Commission.

We are working to open a town Centre based Local History Museum, why?

Well, despite its tag as a "New Town", Redditch has a history stretching back to Roman times. Part of that history revolves around needles and the fishing tackle industries whose story is told at our excellent Forge Mill Museum.  This opportunity is to create and run a Redditch Local History Museum which will tell the story of all other aspects of Redditch's history and heritage.
" To establish and operate a museum facility which collects, stores and presents artefacts which record and illustrate the history of Redditch and the surrounding area to as wide an audience as possible"

Our mission statement is....

Please join and support us on this journey.

* "The Redditch Local History Museum CIO" is registered under the Charities Commission Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1191166.
Derek Coombes,
RLHM Trustee
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